Artist Feature: Laura Dekker

Betts DeHart

Posted on June 12 2018

Laura Dekker

Freestyle Footballer

In the early 2000s, internet phenomenon “freestyle football” begun trending in the Instagram and social media world. Freestyle football (or soccer, as we say in America) is an activity where the player uses all parts of the body to do tricks with a soccer ball. The practice became popular after Nike ran an advertising campaign featuring athletes freestyling with soccer balls.

In recent years, freestyle footballers take to Instagram to showcase their talent. Laura Dekker, a 17-year-old from the Netherlands, is one of these footballers. On her Instagram account (@laurafreestyle_), Laura has raked up 25k followers who follow for her crazy football tricks. We asked her a few questions in the interview below:


Lucid: For those who are unfamiliar with what you do, could you briefly explain what freestyle football is?

Laura: Freestyle football is nothing like regular football. It is a solo performance that showcases a lot of different skills. The intention is to do a lot of cool tricks without dropping the ball. It’s all about style, creativity, and technique.

Lucid: How did you get into freestyle fooball?

Laura: I started freestyling because I saw some cool videos on Instagram posted by other people and I was inspired to do the same.

Lucid: Do you have a favorite trick to do? Do you have a name for it?

Laura: My favorite trick is called Laatw Lemmens Abbas, which in English means “Around the World”.

*Laura is filmed wearing the Dog Zip Hoodie in Black

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