Blobs Art: FILA x Lucid FC

Betts DeHart

Posted on May 07 2018

Trey Small, also known under the artist names Blobs, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Blobs started as a graffiti name based off a book titled 'The Blob That Ate Everyone'. Early on, his paintings were character-based; using some of the same paints and techniques he still uses to this day. Every piece of artwork starts as a black and white drawing, and then he usually paints the largest portion or the lips first.

"I have no particular formula (for my art), but  try to contrast the use of warm and cool colors against one another. As a young artist, I'm always thinking about how my art is changing or evolving to some degree, part of growing and exploring the depths of each level you take along with gaining knowledge as you go. I have created lots of bad art and lots of great art I'd say, but it wouldn't be that way without making those (artistic) decisions."



Introducing Blobs (IG handle: @blobsart), a local Atlanta artist. His work begins as a simple sketches, which are then transformed into something much bigger…wearing the FILA x Lucid FC Mindbreaker 2.0 and the SS18 Classic 4 Button LS


Blobs with 2 of his paintings, wearing the special release FILA x Lucid FC Mindbreaker 2.0 and SS18 Classic 4 Button LS in Black


Blobs observing his artwork, featuring the spring collections' Classic 4 Button LS in Black



*photos and video taken by Zungy

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