Enjoy our three part behind the scenes exclusive look in to the utter madness behind the scenes of the unique digital fashion week jamboree... It was a mad three weeks of filming, and a long 8 months of designing all coming down to these few moments. 

In this collection, LUCID FC brings nostalgic psychedelic party nights of the past to the new modern lifestyle. With Lucid's acutely designed garments for every mood represented by recurring vivid color palettes, which connect emotionally to the wearer by providing designs for every mood. Staying ahead of the curb, the S/S21 Collection can be translated everywhere from the club to more relaxed environments, and also to our insular everyday - Zoom calls or at home with our world's current phase of inspirational and informed bugs. 

ep.1 : the first day into shooting, Triptych is under the lights for the making of our original score. the Twins give an exclusive first hand look at the madness and details that go in to shooting the runway show, starting with creating the score with Triptyc, experimental band from Atlanta, GA Jackson Larsen, Jovan Lecaro and Reginald Levy.

ep.2 : the final final stylist meeting, making sure every pieces is ready to show. by far the most hectic and stressful activity you'll see us filmed under! take a quick glimpse in to how we piece together the final aspects of the collection with our stylist Joe Hunt and the twins. This was filmed before the final filming, and after the final fitting as you can tell by the papers. Models were fitted in ep1.


ep3 : the making of the runway show. We invite you to experience BTS of a Lucid FC set like never before. This time, we take you to our main feature, the ss21 Modern World segments from the show. Tune in, see how it was made, I am sure you will recognise things easier now.. after three weeks of filming, this was the finale stretch!