Curated : 012 | Relax, Spring is Around...

Curated : 012 | Relax, Spring is Around...

We’re firm believers in the luxury tracksuit jacket..

Few pieces of clothing have experienced a glow-up like the track jacket. Beginning life as a purely utilitarian garment in sports, it didn’t take long before it infiltrated the world of lifestyle clothing. Once it had settled into the everyday wardrobe, it filtered through into luxury. Essentially, the humble track jacket traversed the hierarchy of clothing in around 50 years.

Nowadays, luxury track jackets are a permanent fixture in high-end collections. That’s perhaps what has made luxury track jackets so well-loved. They're a blank slate for expression. They're versatile for the wearer, ideal to throw on when the sun dips behind a cloud, and can be styled with just about everything you throw at them. 

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photos provided by Joe Hunt
models Luis Granillo
assistance Amar Shalilic