Key!: FILA x Lucid FC

Betts DeHart

Posted on May 07 2018

Introducing Key!, an Atlanta based musician that has been on his grind and own sound since the start. Everyone in Atlanta knows Key!, and anyone in the world can recognize Key! by his signature ad libs and hooks. Key! is pictured wearing the FILA x Lucid FC Mindbreaker 2.0 and the Spring/Summer 18 Lucid FC Silk Patched Jumper


Lucid FC is rooted in Atlanta music culture. Our city’s music collection offers a unique environment for artist to develop and grow their own sound. Key! knows what we mean... Key! seen wearing the FILA x Lucid FC Mindbreaker 2.0, available May 12th at the Lucid FC exhibition.


*photos by Zungy

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