Lucid FC x Kitboys Football Skills Top Bins Challenge (s1 e1)

Lucid FC x Kitboys present Football Skills Challenge season one episode one. 

Together, we take the form of a contest to find the most skillful footballer in the world. Fronted by the Lucid twins and former footballers, Kitboys' Amar and Sekou. During the first season, five young hopeful contestants from all over the world join us in Atlanta, GA for three difficult task. 

Contestants will be put to trail and graded on various aspects as poise under pressure, skills, agility, shots, form, and more. Single elimination per episode, the finals winner takes all. 


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Contestants: Sagi, Ian, Willy Bags, Ryan, and Cameron

Camera: Malik and Zack

Pendants: Lucid twins, Amar, Sekou