Just three months ago, we introduced our first ever sister label, “LUCID DREAMS"

This collection is designed by the twins in London, during the first lockdown. This capsule collection from Lucid Dreams is titled 'PMA' - 'POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE'

To follow up from the first collection, we brought the best seller to a fun, bright electric SS T-Shirt, set to bring positivity and warm thoughts to the wearers mental capacity.

Oversized prints with more colours than possible, manufactured and printed within the mindset of, “how can we innovate the outdated manual screen printing myths?" Like “you can't print there!” or “that’s too many colours”.

Trippy prints and happy objects define the collection. Mushrooms, Butterflies set across a gardenscape build a psychedelic inspired graphic story tinged with an fluorescent colour palette, creating a modern, POSITIVE take on classic streetwear basic shapes for the debut of LUCID DREAMS. 

photos by Olive Grace Dermarest