Pain and Pleasure Upcycle Campaign

in collaboration with About 3 Megawatts, and Atlanta based tattoo artist, Swill Roy, introducing the AW22/23 collection explores escapism as an expression of radical reform. Standing as an experiment of dissecting two emotions.

Lucid FC’s 'Pain and Pleasure' AW22/23 collection takes the brands mainlabel face to a new height, where escapism is another expression of radical reform. Standing as an emotional experiment of dissecting two opposites for the pleasure of mixed emotions, Baroque style tops with tattoo’s for the twins (designers) artistic path. When two opposites meet to build one dramatic direction. The twins designed the AW22/23 graphic story exercising halftone printing techniques, which also formed seasonal textiles like the Rain Jacket, or the embroidery on the overshirt. Atlanta based, or London based, the collection will be available immediately following their runway show online. Escapism, Radical reform (in a positive elegant way), trompe l’oeil style are key to the art direction of this collection.

tags: Trompe l’oeil, Baroque, Depth of Field, Splotch Style (like half tone), Roy Lichtenstein, David Carson, Solar Eclipse, Sustainability, HalfTone, Deterioration, Motion Blur, Uneven Patterns, Mix and Match, Modern Vintage (1990’s), Tattoos, Eco-Friendly aesthetic, Fine lines, Industrial Style, Abstract Style