Spring Summer 2021 by Lucid FC

In this collection, LUCID FC brings nostalgic psychedelic party nights of the past to the new modern lifestyle. With Lucid's acutely designed garments for every mood represented by recurring vivid color palettes, which connect emotionally to the wearer by providing designs for every mood. Staying ahead of the curb, the S/S21 Collection can be translated everywhere from the club to more relaxed environments, and also to our insular everyday - Zoom calls or at home with our world's current phase of inspirational and informed bugs. 

Recreating the adage, “Classic is The New Cool”, the Lucid Twins/designers, Betts and Chet, found inspiration through bringing the post-punk subculture to the present. Shades of marble, granite and concrete and psychedelic inspired prints tinged with an electric colour palette create a modern take on classic silhouettes for their Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The collection is made by hand in Atlanta, staying true to the brand since its inception by supporting the local economy.

Collection due to arrive January thru March 2021, 


Lucid FC, Ian Cone


The AmericasMart - location sponsor

Encyclomedia - production studio

Clear Weather - footwear sponsor


Ian Cone 

Director of Photography:

John Manfredi

Michael Wiley

Sound Mixing: 

(Triptych) - Mason Brown


AJ DiCaprio

Ian Cone

Michael Wiley 

Video Effects: 

Ben Martin

Michael Wiley


Hakum Lartey, Grace Cox, Bobby Kannady, Colin Scnapp, Travis Arnold, Ronen Schechter.

Joe Hunt

Hair and Makeup:
Tatiana Kazana

Art Direction:

Erin Bassett


Ansley Barber

Thanks Media Team, Rock and Egg Productions, Encyclomedia Studios, AmericasMast and David Cone Jr.