styles to stay at home : best of leisure

our top ten styles to stick at home, available online now.

as we have more time at home than ever, i can admit we aren't thinking about which styles we are going to stay at home in... that just seams useless... until we realised we have to stay home for months, thats when we had a thought about it. 

here are ten styles available on our e-shop now that we stay at home in...

take a look at the editorial by Joe Hunt..

10.  Lucid FC x New Era Logo Snapback

an essential cap for your future.

9. Film Club pullover sweater

stuck at home, watching films, that speaks to me m8. 

8. Lucid FC Logo T-Shirt in baby blue

has to be the softest lucid fc logo t-shirt we have made to this date, theres something about this specific cotton once we dyed it, that stands out to display its softness.. 

7. Football Club Jumper

staying home, watching archival 1970's World Cup? or 2015 Champions Leauge maybe? yes, this one is yours.... have it!

6. Out of Pocket Shorts in black / navy

these ones are on sale, so they've been out first in pecking order. if you havent already got the most comfortable lounge shorts around.. 

5. Lucid FC logo Hoodie

could be number one to be fair... 

4. Logo Swirl Knitted Sweater

this knit is cozy, this knit is crazy, this knit is it. its on sale too!!

3. Logo 6 Panel Cap in khaki

seemingly popular since 2010. the iconic lucid fc logo in an semi structured 6 panel cap. leather buckle closure on back side. class

2. 3/4 Sleeve Heritage Tee

when they say some like it hot , this is what that means. if you know you know. if you haven't ever worn this style then you dont know. 

1. Out of Pocket Shorts in natural 

the true spoken hero of our generation, it can sooth this panic. get ones yourself.