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  • Howell Mill Community Arcade recap (October 2021)

    Thank you to everyone who attended and vendor at the first ever Howell Mill Community Arcade. 
    Featuring Atlanta business All Friends Welcome, About 3 Megga Watts, FRKO, Lucid FC, Full Circle ATL, Chandler Paul, Tofu Boyo, Taste Botique, Dist Farms, and more. 
    Photos by @JaylonSmith
  • Preview: Lucid Dreams, Collection Two, Delivery Three.

    Lucid Dreams Collection Two Delivery Three coming Tuesday the 25th of October, 2021 at 11am (est) to and select retailers. 
    Preview imagery by Phil.
  • Howell Mill (Community) Arcade - first ever community driven market event

    You're invited to join us Saturday, the 23rd of October, 2021 at the Interlock on Howell Mill Rd (1115 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, 30318).

    Inspired by the world-famous Portobello Green market of Notting Hill, London, United Kingdom, we have put together a community based Saturday market.  

  • Preview: Lucid Dreams, Collection Two, Delivery Two.

    Lucid Dreams Collection Two Delivery Two online Tuesday the 5th of October, 2021 at 11am (est) on and select retailers. 
  • Preview: Lucid Dreams, Collection Two, Delivery One.

    Lucid Dreams Collection Two Delivery One coming Thursday the 23rd of September, 2021 to and select retailers.

    ENTER OUR TOFUBOYO GIVEAWAY, DETAILS BELOW We teamed up with @TOFUBOYO in hopes to give back to our community. Over the next 14 days, we are ...
  • 4 Essential Layering Pieces: Styling by Carpenodiem

    Editorial by Chris Polycarpe from Carpenodiem. Model Joe, shot in Atlanta, GA downtown. THE KEY LAYERING PIECES TO HAVE IN YOUR WARDROBE THIS FALL. It's September. Days are getting shorter, leaves are falling from the trees, and temperatures are gradually dropping. It's time to face reality: summer will soon be a distant memory.

  • Nostalgic Future editorial by Tess Rose

    Presenting Nostalgic Future, by Tess Rose. 
    models, cybertrash, 0l1v14pr4cko, helloanj4li, caughy.mp3, yungpizza 
    Shot in Atlanta, GA featuring Lucid FC mainline and Lucid FC x Tofu Boyo collections.

    70’s inspired. Timeless. Made in USA. Workwear. Tailored Fit. These are all fashion words we can use to describe the immersive detailed experience from our iconic denim selections. see what all the talk is about. Follow your fashion sense, be seen, speak with your fashion. Nothing flows better than denim and a graphic t-shirt..

    Shop this weeks top look from the Lucid FC collections online and in store now. 
    photos provided by 24 frames
    models Evan and Alieen Brown
  • LUCIDBOYO: Lucid FC x Tofu Boyo Autumn 2021 Collection Preview

    LUCIDBOYO: Lucid FC x Tofu Boyo Autumn 2021 Collection Preview, shop the collection early on the NTWRK app, and in Lucid FC retail and e-commerce July 6th. 

    Here is your invite to our AW21 runway show.
    Slated to showcase and release our collaborative collection with Tokyo, American street artist Tofu Boyo (Oliver Skelton). 
    July 1st @ 5pm exclusively on the NTWRK app. 
  • BABY JUNGLE in Lucid FC runway collection

    Baby Jungle, recently transitioned to Atlanta from Macon, GA, to pursue his music career. As an adolescent, he would write music, but he didn't take it seriously until he was in the eighth grade.

    Baby Jungle started paying for studio time, and that is when he saw growth. He was motivated to become successful despite how bad life treated him, and was determined to break the cycle of being consumed by street life.

    Being an 18-year-old, Baby Jungle is inspired by the younger generation of Hip-Hop artists such as the late Juice World, Famous Dex, Lil Uzi, Chief Keef, and the OG, Lil Boosie. These artists helped to define his artistry and influenced him to continue making music. Specifically, Juice World allowed him to use music as a coping mechanism and an outlet to express himself. As Baby Jungle continues his voyage to musical success, he aspires to be a successful artist.