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Lucid FC kicks off the first delivery of Summer 2024 with our famed, upcycled British Military capsule. Decorated by the introduction of our RAVMAN LOGO, and unique PVC logo patchwork, penchant for upcycled post-military apparel finds itsself served with cutting edge textiles from the British supply. MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern) is a standard camouflage pattern of the British Armed Forces. 


 The RAVEMAN logo brings a social expression image to represent the brands vibrant decor and colours for so. Part of the collection pulls fourth MPT British Camo cargo overshirt, whilst bringing a statement graphic tee for wind with the RAVEMAN SS Tees. Screen printed on 6.5oz garment dyed USA made tees. enough for the ides of summer, a useful multi-pocket layering piece that's imbued with a tee sick enough for the rest of time.



The nature of textile upcycling ensures that each pair is unique, though the cool-hued shorts are especially desirable due to the scarcity of vintage NATO counterparts. Of course, the print is no less special and even makes for a better showcase of the marks imported from the fabrics' original usage.

Lucid FC Summer 2024 Release.

🇬🇧 ft. more British Armed Forces uniform.

🚀🌌🎧 RAVEMAN 🚀🌌🎧

💨 available Saturday online and in shop 12pm (est) celebrating with our DIY patching workshop.

Village Mice Sneakers now in shop

Village Mice Sneakers now in shop

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